Why I love to live in Phoenix, Arizona

It is always a hassle telling people where you live if you are from Phoenix, Arizona because people already have these set of questions they are ready to ask you most of them are criticisms of my choice to live here.  The questions range from “Why would you want to live in such a remote place?” to “Don’t the animals scare you?” People already have this negative stereotype of Arizona of it being nothing but desert and sand. To address any and all question and doubts people may have of Phoenix, Arizona, I will list some of the top reason of why I love to live here.

1.     Hiking Galore

When summer rolls around Phoenicians find bliss and fun in good old outdoor activities and what better outdoor fun than hiking?  Phoenix has one of the most complex urban park systems in the US and this allows its people an array of parkas and rugged landscapes to hike to their hearts content. And what makes the complex urban park system even better is that no hiking spot is more than 20 minutes away. Since Phoenix is literally surrounded by landscape fit for hiking, you can be anywhere in the great city and not be far from a good time hiking the landscape. Phoenix really is a hiker’s paradise!

2.     The Culture

I hear a lot of criticism for Phoenix and Arizona in general that it does not have any culture at all. That is just not true at all and a very ignorant statement to make. Gone are the days when you would have to travel to New York or Los Angeles to catch a theater production; big-name productions have been stopping in Phoenix for years and will for years to come for they know Phoenicians love for culture. Cirque de Soleil, the world’s biggest theater production, has made somewhat of a second home in Phoenix, visiting every year with the most amazing of productions. Apart from this, you shall even check out the many local productions of not only theater but dance and music as well. Ballet recitals and Opera performances are peppered throughout the city, sure to cement your love for Phoenix.

3.     The Party

If you are a party animal then Phoenix, Arizona is just the town for you. The number of big-name concerts and festivals that pass through here annually is staggering. The people of Phoenix always welcome them with a warm shake of the hand and have a great time themselves. Phoenicians have always been known to have a sunny disposition but do they know how to party! Just to name a few things happening next year in Phoenix:

  • IdinaMenzel in IF/THEN, Jan 12-17
  • Disney on Ice: Frozen Jan 13-18 (the kids are going to love this!)
  • Riverdance – The 20th Anniversary World Tour January 12 – 17
  • FiestaMexico-Americana with LosLobos, Jan 30

If you are a wrestling fan then you are a lucky person to live in Phoenix, Arizona as the WWE makes its way here yearly and sometimes twice on the same year! I could go on and on and on about the wonderful stuff going on in Phoenix but all you need to know is that Phoenicians know how to throw a party.

4.     The Baseball

Are you a Baseball fan? Then you have probably heard of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and if you have heard of the Diamondbacks then you have probably heard of their super cool, super awesome home stadium, Chase Field. Sure Arizona has less than forgiving weather but do we know how to make the best of it! Chase Filed is a great example of how Phoenicians deal with problems, mainly being the weather. With its massive retractable roof, the stadium goes from normal outdoor stadium to super awesome indoor place in the blink of an eye. Enjoy baseball in an all new way in the HVAC temperature controlled environment! An entire air conditioned stadium protected from the sun, it is like being in your own living room watching the game live!

5.     The Light Rail System

Though introduced only a few years ago, I think the Light Rail System has become one of Phoenix’s best features. It is an extremely affordable way to get around town and boy is it always on time. If you are visiting the Light Rail system is one amazing way to get a tour of the city and have yourself a great time while at it. Do not worry if you have had a few to drink, the rail system will get you home safe and sound without the worry of driving.

Arizona is where we live and Phoenix for us is the only place home could ever be.

Top 10 things to do in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is always hustling and bustling with tourists coming in regularly to explore the great city and area surrounding it and there is an array of stuff to do here that is sure to fill everyone’s appetite for adventure. From serene Botanical Gardens to rugged landscapes, Phoenix is an open and varying land full thing to offer to those looking for excitement. All you have to do is look in the right places! Here are the top ten things- in no particular order- to do in Phoenix!

1.     The Desert Botanical Gardens

The Phoenix Desert Botanical gardens are a very cool and nifty way to learn all about desert plants. The guides there take you on a tour and teach you all about the different kinds of desert plants, or if you wait long enough, you can go on the tour after dark and learn what makes these plants tick when the sun goes down. And if you are lucky enough you just might catch a concert by one of the many musical legends performing in the gardens. With over 140 acres to explore, you can rest assured that there is plenty to do here!

2.     Heard Museum

Phoenix was once the homeland of people of many cultures and still continues to honor them and their traditions with complete reverence. And this becomes at the Heard Museum which hosts art, traditions and artifacts from Native American tribes from decades ago. The Museum offers tours to educate the general public about the great cultures of years past by showing them their traditions and building a respect for them. Classified as a ‘living museum’, Heard Museum is an integral part of Phoenix as it broadcasts to the world that is an accepting place that reveres culture.

3.     Arizona Science Centre

One of the most easily accessible locations in Phoenix and one where you will have loads and loads of fun is the Arizona Science Centre. With exhibitions to make any geek go squeak in excitement, the Science Centre offers an array of exhibitions. The MathAlive! Exhibition now also offers a very exciting look into the world of mathematics and just how it influences our live in the practical world. The permanent exhibitions however are on display 24/7. The Science Centre also now has an IMAX theater to behold to showcase science exhibitions, films and much more!

4.     Chase Field

One of Phoenix’s coolest things is Chase Field. Of course if you are a Baseball fan then you are no stranger to the Diamondbacks but what really takes the cake is the Diamondbacks’ awesome stadium. Arizona has some harsh summers and standing out in the field all day would be a harsh sentence for the players, so Phoenix came up an amazing stadium, which is Chase Field! It has a retractable roof that covers the sky, making the audience feel as though it is an indoor game, and with HVAC controlled temperatures you need not worry about the heat. So sit back and enjoy the game as you would if you were in your living room.

5.     Phoenix Art Museum

Do not worry, Phoenix does not just pander to sports fans, but gives generously to its art enthusiast woo with theater productions left and right. But what marks Phoenix on the map as one of America’s best art lovers is the Phoenix Art Museum. Being Americas biggest visual Art Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum attracts art enthusiast from all over the US. Situated in a 285,000 square foot area, it boats international exhibits all year round and almost 20,000 pieces from various locations on the globe. With art festivals and educational seminars the love for it grows ever more.  With the PhxArtKids program it aims to teach the youth about art history as well.  And love for art does not stop there; Phoenix addresses all kinds of Art Forms such as theater, dance and music. It has countless theater productions happening throughout the year and with Cirque de Soleil, the world’s biggest theater production, visiting Phoenix regularly, you can rest assured. Musical festivals also take place regularly in Arizona, with chart-topping artists filling the ranks of the lineup.

Phoenix is a prime example of a city that does not bore you. There is a fancy restaurant, an opera house, a theater production in every nook and cranny. There is something to please everyone’s appetite here both figuratively and literally, all you have you to do is get out there!

Top 8 reasons to live in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix and Arizona has earned, for whatever reason, somewhat of a bad reputation. Mostly because people still think of it as a large, remote and empty desert filled with poisonous lizards and god knows what else.  But bar yourself from all these false assumptions and stereotypes about Phoenix and Arizona in general and open your eyes to one of America’s best cities to live in. It has got everything, from culture to nature, from nature to sport and an array of wonderful things just waiting for your senses to withhold! So without further ado, here are the top 8 reasons to live in Phoenix, Arizona!

1.     The Capital

Being the states capital comes with a lot of perks. Every new business, or even large ones clamber to find I a place in it and Phoenix is no exception. Attracting more restaurants, places of culture, institutes of learning, businesses in general, than one can count; you will surely find your head spinning at the amount of things to do in the great city.

2.     The History with Culture

Phoenix has a history to behold, holding a place of significance in America’s history, there is an array of items, locations and people to see and meet to have a respect for its history. Being at the heart of the Native American homeland, there is no shortage of honor for the culture it had and holds even today and places like the Heard Museum give a place for people to honor the intricacy of it. But it does not just stop there, visit the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum and look upon WW2 memorabilia.

3.     The Multiculturalism

The people of Phoenix are a hospitable people and have integrated people of different cultures, ethnicities and homelands into its own. Accepting these different and exotic cultures, it integrates them with its own and boasts a new one, signaling to the world that it is an accepting place. Home to Native Americans, Mexicans and many more with rich cultures, Phoenix has become a multicultural paradise and what better example than the cuisine it offers from all these cultures. Festivals honoring the diverse backgrounds of the many people are held regularly so you may learn a lot of about the world in good old Phoenix.

4.     The Entertainment

Phoenix has a lot in the way of entertainment. From WWE wrestling matches to ballet recitals Phoenix has got it all down. Many musical events and festivals have been taking place in Phoenix for its people love a good party. With the world’s biggest theater production, Cirque de Soleil, visiting Phoenix regularly, you can sure hope to fulfill your taste for the arts. But if you cannot wait for that, visit one of the countless local productions, sure to fill your appetite.

5.     The Golf

I would not be lying if I said that Phoenix was Americas Golf Capital. It has become one of America’s award winning locations to golf, with styles and locations to suit each and every need of yours. With over 200 golf courses in the metro area alone, you can rest assured that you will find a course that is suited to your needs. In-door, out-door, executive, public, mini we have got it all in Phoenix! But if you want to learn how to play, or just practice your game, Phoenix has institutes that can teach you how!

6.     Outdoor Activities

Phoenix is surrounded by a mountain range and this affords it the chance of having itself one of America’s most complex urban park systems. You will find no shortage of outdoor activities to do with a hiking spot only 20 minutes away, no matter where you live. And not only is hiking an exciting thing to do but you can always explore the mountains, the rugged landscape and have fun doing it!

7.     Great Weather

While it may be a little too hot for some to endure, Phoenix’s weather is ideal for every outdoor sport and activity you can imagine! With blue skies and clear weather for most of the year, you can imagine your year to be quite eventful. Even in the winters when most of America is freezing itself, Phoenix has a mild, enjoyable weather. So if can endure heat, you can surely enjoy what Phoenix has to offer, to its full extent.

8.     Affordable living

With all the dazzle and features of the city life in Phoenix, one would imagine the housing there to be on the heavy side, oh but on the contrary, Phoenix has a quite affordable real estate program that will find the right house for you.

So have fun while you are here is Phoenix, Arizona, for it is the place we call Home.

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Sports and Phoenix, Arizona – A Charming Combo

With perfect weather on offer in the valley of Phoenix, Arizona, sports lovers can’t get enough of this charming and lovely city. With its amazing, all year round sports festivals such as the NFL, WNBA and the NBA, all together all of the major professional sports leagues, Phoenix is one amazing place to be, at any time of the year. Other field games Phoenix hosts are soccer football and hockey.  Phoenix also has the title for holding the only spring time training sessions for the MLB. NASCAR, NHR racing, PGA and LPGA golfing are also held annually in Phoenix.  The professional leagues Phoenix takes part in are:


The Phoenix Suns were brought into the National Basketball association in 1968 after a tough competition with other major league teams. The youngest manager for any sport ever at the time, Jerry Ceanglo was to manage the team as they played their initial matches at home at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Suns could have been given Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the first draft of their career but they lost their toss to the Milwaukee Clubs because of their last position in their first season. The Suns also made their first NBA final in 1976 against the Boston Celtics, and after a grueling and intense match, the Celtics would turn out to be the victor.  Even though The Suns haven’t had their best years in the last few seasons, a total six of their top players have been inducted into the Basket Ball Hall of Fame. These names include Charles Barkley, Jerry Colangelo (their first manager) Gail Goodrich, Connie Hawkins, Dennis Johnson, and Gus Johnson.


The Phoenix Mercury was one of the original teams that were included when the WNBA was launched in 1997.  The Mercury was quick to impress and perform under Cheryl Miller, who led the team to the first three play-offs of the WNBA and the team even ended in the 1998 final for the WNBA. This would be the first of their four trips to the finals, even though they lost this one, they went on to win their first final in 2007, and then one again in 2009. Their latest win in the finals was in 2014.


The Arizona Cardinals can be seen as an integral part of the NFL because of the historical value they carry. They can also be considered as the pioneers of the professional form of the game, as they are the oldest professionally run team in the NFL. The Cardinals were formed in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago before changing their name to the Cardinals because of how their uniform looked. In 1920, the Arizona Cardinals became a part of the National Football League which at the time was called “American Professional Football League”. The Cardinals found their home at the Sun Devil stadium when they moved to Arizona but soon moved to the University of Phoenix stadium. The Cardinals have played one championship at the Super Bowl XLII where they lost to the Pittsburg Steelers in 2009. The Sun Devil stadium still holds Super Bowls, one in 1996 which was Super Bowl XXX that the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburg Steeler. The Sun Devil stadium also to hosted the 2015 super bowl where the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in a historical game.


The Arizona Diamondbacks is the professional baseball team that represents Arizona in the Major League Baseball (MLB) and was first inducted in the professional major league in 1998 only as an expansion team. It was with their baseball team that Phoenix became a member of the 10 cities that had professional teams representing it in every sport. The Arizona Diamondbacks also became the fastest team to win the World Series in 2001 when they defeated the New York Yankees. They made history and broke the record which was previously held by the Florida Marlins. A title and record they had earned in 5 years as opposed to the 3 years the Arizona Diamondbacks managed to get in. The record is still intact as no team has come close to beating it and it seems with the time passed, there is no team that can out to this feat. The home ground of the Arizona Diamondbacks was originally called the BOB or the “Bank One Ballpark” which many locals had gotten used to and fond of until the name was changed to “The Chase Field”. This field has the unique distinction of being the second highest stadium in the United States.

Love Phoenix, Arizona for what it has on offer and you will never have a boring day in your life.

Top Upcoming Events in Phoenix, Arizona

The state capital and the largest city in the state itself, Phoenix is one of the most recognizable cities in all of the United States of America. It can be seen as one of the ‘big cities’ of the United States as it not only is the hub of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area but is also house to 1,445,632 people of the 2010 US population census. The 13th largest metro city in the US and its almost 1.5 million people are up to a lot nowadays, and they always are. As it is the state capital and a giant of a city, it attracts many national event planners and is a favorite for musicians to hold their concerts. And it seems for the fall, there are a lot of events to be held. Some of the top events for the fall are:

1.     The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China

One of the world’s most famous circuses, The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China will show case it’s many talents and feats in Phoenix. These daring feats include juggling, stacking chairs, balancing acts, tight rope walking. The ‘Peking Dream’ will be a part of the event and it will showcase trapeze acts, aerial silk and other brave and daring acts that will shock and amaze. The event will take place at the Mesa Arts Center, 1 E Main St, Mesa on October first.

2.     The Phoenix Fashion Week

The fashionistas of Phoenix are up for a treat as the Phoenix Fashion Week kicks off on the first of October, 2015 for a three day event. The three day event will hold fashion related workshops for anyone looking to learn something about the industry. Shopping events will be open to anyone who is looking to purchase anything they saw at the show that they liked and of course, the flagship or any fashion show: The runway. Designers will be showcasing some of their best work in the three day event and the models will be the easels of their artwork and creativity. Each day will have a celebratory after party at night. The event will be held at The Talking Stick Casino 9800 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, and will take place from the first of October to the third of October.

3.     Ballet under the Stars

Ballet Arizona will inaugurate its yearly free outdoor concerts on the first and second October 2015. Ballerina from all around Arizona will be taking part and will put on a soul cleansing but impressive show of talent and control. The shows will be held at 5 different venues which include the Steele Indian School Park and the Temple Center for Arts. The events will start from 7pm, to stay true to the name ‘Ballet under the stars”.

4.     The Vampire Tale

With Halloween coming up with people warming up for the festivity, what better way to get into the holiday than to go and enjoy what is hailed as the “Nutcracker” of Halloween. The play will showcase aerial dance to portray the story of an unhappy girl who falls into the hands of a group of bloodsucking vampires. Lisa Starry comments on how this year’s performance will be a more serious, which is moving away from the usual campy comedy the show is used to. The show will be more focused on the plot and its horror aspects. The show will take place at the 100 E McDowell Rd from the first of October till the tenth of October. All events will be from Thursdays to Saturdays.

5.     Gaither Homecoming Tour

The legendary gospel singer, famous from his 60’s hit “He Touched Me”; Gaither is bringing his latest works to the Valley. He will be joined by other well-known and respected gospel families such as the Isaacs and the Martins, as well as Gene Williams and Kevin Williams at the Grand Canyon University Arena.

6.     Pumpkin and Chilli Parties

For a good old’ day outside with dare devils performing stunts, carnivals, dog shows and even hay rides, there’s much to look forward to at this event. Grab a pumpkin and carve it into whatever you want, have adventures in the giant maze or just sit down with a bowl of some delicious chili and relax, as this is exactly what the whole event is about, just having a good time with the people you love for the event you’ve all been looking forward to.

And to really enjoy these events, use a cool way to get there and cruise, so we chose a party bus.

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Why Phoenix, Arizona is so Easy to Love

Many people do not think of Phoenix, Arizona when they think of cities that they love. Most of the time when people are asked what cities they enjoy the most they answer large cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago. However, Phoenix, Arizona is an oasis of community, culture, and everything that makes a city great.

Often the fact that Phoenix is the capital of Arizona often turns people off. They believe it will be overly crowded, too political, or not a great area to live. However, Phoenix being the capital has not made any change on the life of citizens. If anything, it encourages more tourism which in effect allows for more work and a better economy. The fact that Phoenix is the capital brings in retailers and restaurants that most towns and cities would not have based on population alone. This allows citizens a much better quality of life.

Phoenix also does not have the terrible winter weather that other states have. Yes, it does get a little hot in the summer, but during the winter Phoenix has mild temperatures which still allow residents to spend quality time outdoors. For people who like to be outside rather than cooped up in doors trying to hide from snow storms, then Phoenix is definitely a good place. With 330 days a year of sunlight, Phoenix definitely is a great place for those who love the outdoors.

Phoenix has a very eclectic selection of dining as well. Something that many people do not realize about Phoenix is that few people went to McDonald’s when they say they got something at the Drive thru. Phoenix has amazing Drive Thrus that aren’t fast food chains. You can get a variety of breakfast offerings, Mexican, Thai, and Greek. Amazingly you can eat local and not have to leave your car. Phoenix also has some of the best coffee shops in the country. On almost every corner there is a funky coffee shop that can offer you the best cup of joe in the world.

Phoenix has the best public transportation in the country. With the addition of the light rail Phoenix went from too much traffic and not enough public transportation to having the cleanest and most affordable public transportation in the country.  The light rail gives the best views of the city while you safely travel from destination to destination. This is definitely a plus considering the constant rising of gas prices. The light rail has also enabled night life to thrive in Phoenix. You can chose from dancing clubs, jazz bars, cigar bars, and many others. Most of these establishments are close to the light rail so you can easily have a night out on the town and still make it home safely.

Phoenix also offers citizens a stable economy. There are many jobs available in Phoenix due to the fact there are multiple Fortune 500 companies located in the area. This enables citizens to always be able to find employment. The housing market also has need had a steady increase as it has throughout the rest of the country. Housing is easily affordable and offers the citizens of Phoenix an awesome opportunity to be home owners rather than renting.

Phoenix also offers many shows and attractions to both tourists and locals. You can see a game at Chase Field, visit the ballet, symphony, or theater. There are always multiple offerings of shows that fit everyone’s needs. In addition to these attractions are a multitude of museums. The Arizona Science Center is one of the most amazing ways to spend time in Phoenix. Many people do not visit this center because they believe it is centered around children, however, that is incorrect. Adults can actually watch a live brain surgery in action. It is an amazing place to visit and it is very unique to Phoenix.

Phoenix also offers a variety of wildlife and nature. The Grand Canyon is only 230 miles away. People don’t realize the majestic size of the Grand Canyon and having it so close is awesome.  If you do not want to travel that far to view some amazing scenery then all you have to do is go outside the city limits and see an amazing mountain range. You can also visit the amazing Botanical Gardens which has a massive selection of flora and fauna, including a butterfly tent that is amazing. The Camelback Mountains offer views of the city which are absolutely incredible

Phoenix is not all about being outdoors however. In Phoenix you will find amazing shopping and spas. Frances Vintage offers amazing vintage shopping that you can get lost in. The Desert Sky Mall offers amazing shopping and wonderful playgrounds for children. Kierland Commons offers a vast amount of outdoor shopping that explodes into a wonderful bar scene at night. If you feel like you need even more luxurious shopping then head over to Biltmore Fashion Park. Here you will find the high end retailers, shaded walkways, and extravagant dining. If you need some quiet time with a book visit the library in downtown. There you will find a four story library that has offerings for everyone.  Burton Barr not only has a massive collection of books, but it is architecturally beautiful. Definitely a place to go if you want to find some amazing reads.

So maybe Phoenix does not have the huge subway system of New York City or the lavish Millennium Park like Chicago, but Phoenix does have something that most cities do not. That is the nature and the community life that so many cities are lacking. The city is not based on commerce and running from one social event to the next. The city is based on living a happy life that you make your own. Phoenix relies on making citizens happy naturally rather than offering the false influences of most modern cities. This makes Phoenix a city that is lovable and perfect for anyone.


So much so we have friends come visit all the time from all over the USA and Europe actually. Our most recent visit was from friends in Wigan, England and London, England and we are looking forward to our best friends coming later in the year who are from Honolulu and not just because he is a Wigan Glazier