How to Restore Your Original Windows

Replacing sash windows not only affects the appearance and character of your structure, it is also extremely costly and possibly damaging to the structural integrity of the structure itself.

On top of this, replacing initial sash windows can be extremely wasteful. The top quality wood that forms the basis of initial timber windows is incredibly tough to come by nowadays, meaning that the replacement and eventual discarding of these frames would be an unneeded waste.

Not only that, but plastic double glazing tends to only have a useful life of around twenty years or so. After this they often end up as landfill, taking in huge quantities of energy in their production to end up being waste. As we go into a period of ever-scarcer resources and climate unpredictability, reducing waste and energy consumption is of paramount importance.


The very first choice is to bring back the windows. This involves 1) the replacement or repair any damaged wood in the windows; 2) ensuring that the windows are completely operational and able to open and close, removing, weighing and cleaning up the windows, while allowing for cleaning up access; and 3) to replace and bring back any ironmongery on the frames. The majority of remediation companies only restore the windows, they do not paint them.

Draught Proofing

The first option is to draught proof all windows. This involves removing the windows and mitring out a channel around all surfaces of the window, prior to putting in a draught proofing brush; then putting the windows back in location and attaching optional beading around the existing window. This is quite an invasive process. It can compromise the base of the window as it includes putting in dowels, and over a reasonably brief number of years this can make the lower sill damage and come away.

The 2nd choice is to include InvisiSeal ™. InvisiSeal ™ is a liquid draught proofing product that dries like rubber, creating an airtight seal around your windows and doors. It’s a non-invasive procedure which involves no screws or nails, keeping your window frame fully undamaged and enhanced. This allows you to totally open and close the windows while enjoying the advantages of draught proofing.

Thermal Effectiveness

The third part is to make your windows thermally efficient; this implies that the entire window location becomes thermally effective and pushes back heat back into the space in the very same way that the other surfaces in the room. There are various alternatives. The very first choice is to remove the single glazing and replace it with double glazing; however this must be utilized with some form of draught proofing. The 2nd alternative would be to keep your original windows and install secondary glazing.

Paint Elimination

In time, a build-up of paint can simply turn your windows stiff, and even make it impossible to open your windows at all. By removing the many layers of paint, your windows can experience a brand-new lease of life. Similarly, cracked and flaky paints and finishes can trigger the wood of windows to become exposed to the components. By restoring the paintwork, you windows will have a protective finish that guarantees they last for several years to come.

Cable Replacement

Sash windows are counterbalanced with two pairs of weights which run over a wheel system. With time, the cable that supports these weights can become weakened, and even snap totally. A weakened or snapped cord will make it challenging to open and close your windows. Replacement of the cord enables your windows to move freely again.

Repair/Replacement of Rotten Wood

Original windows are features that add period charm to your home. The downside to this is that the original wood can become rotten or otherwise consisted of. A thorough remediation service will delicately and sympathetically repair and replace locations of rotten frame, ensuring your window stands the test of time. From time to time, this may include the replacement of the whole window frame, although this is often a last option.


The last element of your window remediation is the setup of classy yet useful ironmongery in keeping with the look of your windows. Basic finishes tend to be in brass or polished chrome. This step can really enhance the surface of your window restoration. Nevertheless, know that some business will remove your initial ironmongery and replace it with shiny new ironmongery: constantly inform your window restorers if you wish to retain your original ironmongery.

Window Restoration Professionals

There are many window restoration buisnesses out there, so how do you know who to trust? As bespoke magnetic secondary glazing professionals, we typically stumble upon the work of window repair companies. The consistency of work and professionalism across the board can vary hugely. We always recommend that you obtain reviews, or better yet, individual recommendations.

Draught-proofing Brushes

Draught-proofing brush strips can be included during your window repair in order to fill the spaces that surround your windows. These lasting brushes guarantee that your windows are sealed while still permitting sufficient ventilation. Adding draught-proofing to your doors and windows can save up to ₤ 50 each year; not surprising when you consider that the gaps around your sash windows can be the equivalent of an opening determining a minimum of ten inches.

Window Films.

Window film can be the ideal economical solution to briefly improve the thermal effectiveness of your house. Window movies can be found in a range of surfaces, many with remarkable thermal properties. InvisiFilm ™, our hassle-free and discrete window movie, is an elegant option to net curtains or patterned glass. Combating a host of window-related issues, whether you require additional solar protection, to changing up those net drapes, InvisiFilm ™ can provide a solution.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves installing supplemental glazing on the within an existing single-glazed window.

Sadly, standard secondary glazing is costly offering a long payback time; it utilises screws and there is a requirement to remodel after installation. Awful, plastic frames go yellow over time and are not always suitable for listed structures or sanctuary. It can likewise be potentially dangerous, as the plastic frame become brittle over time. Advice is always a great thing, so contact a glazier that may be near you, the best way to find these guys, is a simple search – glaziers near me.

How to Maintain Traditional Wood Windows

Traditional windows can last you a lifetime, but only if you know how to maintain and look after them correctly. Decay and deterioration is inevitable with traditional windows because of the climate, wear and tear, etc., but this does not mean that you need to give up your original windows, or that maintaining your windows need to be a difficult endeavor.

Problems to look out for

The most common problems associated with the degradation of traditional wood sash and case windows often ultimately comes down to poor maintenance. These problems can include stuck sashes, degradation of the joints, and rotting of the timber. Left long enough, these issues can develop into the requirement for a full window restoration.

Things to look out for:

  1. Cracked or flaking paintwork
  2. Stuck sashes
  3. Deteriorated putty
  4. Broken cords
  5. Rotting wood

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the location of your property and climate will affect the level of maintenance and sometimes even the specific types of maintenance required. Windows in a north facing position tend to be much better sheltered from the wind and rain that their south facing counterparts and there deteriorate at a much slower pace.

Steps to maintaining your windows


No one wants to add to their cleaning routine, but taking regular time to clean the timber surfaces and glass of your traditional window will not only approve the appearance and functionality of the window, it will also give you the opportunity to look for emerging issues like rotting wood or fraying sashes.

Inspecting the sash cord and pulley wheels, as well and looking over any draught proofing or weather sealing will ensure that you are making the most of your cleaning time.

Cleaning your wooden windows doesn’t require any specialist equipment, just some time and TLC. Removing any larger pieces of dirt or debris with a vacuum cleaner will ensure that you do not scratch or damage your frames and makes for an easier clean.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add a couple of drops of washing up liquid, or better yet, use a specific wood cleaner and use a well-wrung clean sponge to remove the bulk of the grime. It is important to make sure that the sponge is not soaking wet as this can damage the wood. Clean details with a toothbrush and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid standing on chairs when cleaning windows, especially if there are water spillages!


Of course, cleaning and regularly inspecting your wood windows is just one aspect of maintaining your wood windows. In order to protect the wood and the window putty, the paintwork is just as important. In fact, using quality paints and having your windows professionally painted can extend the lifespan of your windows significantly.

If you’re a handy type and prefer to paint your wood windows yourself, there are a few things you should bear in mind before getting started. Firstly, it is important to remove all of the window ironmongery and sash furniture. Then prepare the area by rubbing down with a pumice stone or sandpaper before brushing away all dirt to ensure a smooth finish.

If your windows were painted with lead-based paint it is important to wear an air respirator to avoid inhaling toxic fumes, and use a wet process to avoid toxic lead dust being released into the air.

Be sure to spot prime areas of exposed wood to ensure the best results for paint adhesion.

Maintaining and caring for your traditional windows doesn’t need to be a tough job, and you will be rewarded with beautiful, functional windows that will last for years to come! And if you need a local glazier to help you, if you find issues, just google the following – glaziers near me.