Top 10 things to do in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is always hustling and bustling with tourists coming in regularly to explore the great city and area surrounding it and there is an array of stuff to do here that is sure to fill everyone’s appetite for adventure. From serene Botanical Gardens to rugged landscapes, Phoenix is an open and varying land full thing to offer to those looking for excitement. All you have to do is look in the right places! Here are the top ten things- in no particular order- to do in Phoenix!

1.     The Desert Botanical Gardens

The Phoenix Desert Botanical gardens are a very cool and nifty way to learn all about desert plants. The guides there take you on a tour and teach you all about the different kinds of desert plants, or if you wait long enough, you can go on the tour after dark and learn what makes these plants tick when the sun goes down. And if you are lucky enough you just might catch a concert by one of the many musical legends performing in the gardens. With over 140 acres to explore, you can rest assured that there is plenty to do here!

2.     Heard Museum

Phoenix was once the homeland of people of many cultures and still continues to honor them and their traditions with complete reverence. And this becomes at the Heard Museum which hosts art, traditions and artifacts from Native American tribes from decades ago. The Museum offers tours to educate the general public about the great cultures of years past by showing them their traditions and building a respect for them. Classified as a ‘living museum’, Heard Museum is an integral part of Phoenix as it broadcasts to the world that is an accepting place that reveres culture.

3.     Arizona Science Centre

One of the most easily accessible locations in Phoenix and one where you will have loads and loads of fun is the Arizona Science Centre. With exhibitions to make any geek go squeak in excitement, the Science Centre offers an array of exhibitions. The MathAlive! Exhibition now also offers a very exciting look into the world of mathematics and just how it influences our live in the practical world. The permanent exhibitions however are on display 24/7. The Science Centre also now has an IMAX theater to behold to showcase science exhibitions, films and much more!

4.     Chase Field

One of Phoenix’s coolest things is Chase Field. Of course if you are a Baseball fan then you are no stranger to the Diamondbacks but what really takes the cake is the Diamondbacks’ awesome stadium. Arizona has some harsh summers and standing out in the field all day would be a harsh sentence for the players, so Phoenix came up an amazing stadium, which is Chase Field! It has a retractable roof that covers the sky, making the audience feel as though it is an indoor game, and with HVAC controlled temperatures you need not worry about the heat. So sit back and enjoy the game as you would if you were in your living room.

5.     Phoenix Art Museum

Do not worry, Phoenix does not just pander to sports fans, but gives generously to its art enthusiast woo with theater productions left and right. But what marks Phoenix on the map as one of America’s best art lovers is the Phoenix Art Museum. Being Americas biggest visual Art Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum attracts art enthusiast from all over the US. Situated in a 285,000 square foot area, it boats international exhibits all year round and almost 20,000 pieces from various locations on the globe. With art festivals and educational seminars the love for it grows ever more.  With the PhxArtKids program it aims to teach the youth about art history as well.  And love for art does not stop there; Phoenix addresses all kinds of Art Forms such as theater, dance and music. It has countless theater productions happening throughout the year and with Cirque de Soleil, the world’s biggest theater production, visiting Phoenix regularly, you can rest assured. Musical festivals also take place regularly in Arizona, with chart-topping artists filling the ranks of the lineup.

Phoenix is a prime example of a city that does not bore you. There is a fancy restaurant, an opera house, a theater production in every nook and cranny. There is something to please everyone’s appetite here both figuratively and literally, all you have you to do is get out there!

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