Top 8 reasons to live in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix and Arizona has earned, for whatever reason, somewhat of a bad reputation. Mostly because people still think of it as a large, remote and empty desert filled with poisonous lizards and god knows what else.  But bar yourself from all these false assumptions and stereotypes about Phoenix and Arizona in general and open your eyes to one of America’s best cities to live in. It has got everything, from culture to nature, from nature to sport and an array of wonderful things just waiting for your senses to withhold! So without further ado, here are the top 8 reasons to live in Phoenix, Arizona!

1.     The Capital

Being the states capital comes with a lot of perks. Every new business, or even large ones clamber to find I a place in it and Phoenix is no exception. Attracting more restaurants, places of culture, institutes of learning, businesses in general, than one can count; you will surely find your head spinning at the amount of things to do in the great city.

2.     The History with Culture

Phoenix has a history to behold, holding a place of significance in America’s history, there is an array of items, locations and people to see and meet to have a respect for its history. Being at the heart of the Native American homeland, there is no shortage of honor for the culture it had and holds even today and places like the Heard Museum give a place for people to honor the intricacy of it. But it does not just stop there, visit the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum and look upon WW2 memorabilia.

3.     The Multiculturalism

The people of Phoenix are a hospitable people and have integrated people of different cultures, ethnicities and homelands into its own. Accepting these different and exotic cultures, it integrates them with its own and boasts a new one, signaling to the world that it is an accepting place. Home to Native Americans, Mexicans and many more with rich cultures, Phoenix has become a multicultural paradise and what better example than the cuisine it offers from all these cultures. Festivals honoring the diverse backgrounds of the many people are held regularly so you may learn a lot of about the world in good old Phoenix.

4.     The Entertainment

Phoenix has a lot in the way of entertainment. From WWE wrestling matches to ballet recitals Phoenix has got it all down. Many musical events and festivals have been taking place in Phoenix for its people love a good party. With the world’s biggest theater production, Cirque de Soleil, visiting Phoenix regularly, you can sure hope to fulfill your taste for the arts. But if you cannot wait for that, visit one of the countless local productions, sure to fill your appetite.

5.     The Golf

I would not be lying if I said that Phoenix was Americas Golf Capital. It has become one of America’s award winning locations to golf, with styles and locations to suit each and every need of yours. With over 200 golf courses in the metro area alone, you can rest assured that you will find a course that is suited to your needs. In-door, out-door, executive, public, mini we have got it all in Phoenix! But if you want to learn how to play, or just practice your game, Phoenix has institutes that can teach you how!

6.     Outdoor Activities

Phoenix is surrounded by a mountain range and this affords it the chance of having itself one of America’s most complex urban park systems. You will find no shortage of outdoor activities to do with a hiking spot only 20 minutes away, no matter where you live. And not only is hiking an exciting thing to do but you can always explore the mountains, the rugged landscape and have fun doing it!

7.     Great Weather

While it may be a little too hot for some to endure, Phoenix’s weather is ideal for every outdoor sport and activity you can imagine! With blue skies and clear weather for most of the year, you can imagine your year to be quite eventful. Even in the winters when most of America is freezing itself, Phoenix has a mild, enjoyable weather. So if can endure heat, you can surely enjoy what Phoenix has to offer, to its full extent.

8.     Affordable living

With all the dazzle and features of the city life in Phoenix, one would imagine the housing there to be on the heavy side, oh but on the contrary, Phoenix has a quite affordable real estate program that will find the right house for you.

So have fun while you are here is Phoenix, Arizona, for it is the place we call Home.

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