Sports and Phoenix, Arizona – A Charming Combo

With perfect weather on offer in the valley of Phoenix, Arizona, sports lovers can’t get enough of this charming and lovely city. With its amazing, all year round sports festivals such as the NFL, WNBA and the NBA, all together all of the major professional sports leagues, Phoenix is one amazing place to be, at any time of the year. Other field games Phoenix hosts are soccer football and hockey.  Phoenix also has the title for holding the only spring time training sessions for the MLB. NASCAR, NHR racing, PGA and LPGA golfing are also held annually in Phoenix.  The professional leagues Phoenix takes part in are:


The Phoenix Suns were brought into the National Basketball association in 1968 after a tough competition with other major league teams. The youngest manager for any sport ever at the time, Jerry Ceanglo was to manage the team as they played their initial matches at home at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Suns could have been given Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the first draft of their career but they lost their toss to the Milwaukee Clubs because of their last position in their first season. The Suns also made their first NBA final in 1976 against the Boston Celtics, and after a grueling and intense match, the Celtics would turn out to be the victor.  Even though The Suns haven’t had their best years in the last few seasons, a total six of their top players have been inducted into the Basket Ball Hall of Fame. These names include Charles Barkley, Jerry Colangelo (their first manager) Gail Goodrich, Connie Hawkins, Dennis Johnson, and Gus Johnson.


The Phoenix Mercury was one of the original teams that were included when the WNBA was launched in 1997.  The Mercury was quick to impress and perform under Cheryl Miller, who led the team to the first three play-offs of the WNBA and the team even ended in the 1998 final for the WNBA. This would be the first of their four trips to the finals, even though they lost this one, they went on to win their first final in 2007, and then one again in 2009. Their latest win in the finals was in 2014.


The Arizona Cardinals can be seen as an integral part of the NFL because of the historical value they carry. They can also be considered as the pioneers of the professional form of the game, as they are the oldest professionally run team in the NFL. The Cardinals were formed in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago before changing their name to the Cardinals because of how their uniform looked. In 1920, the Arizona Cardinals became a part of the National Football League which at the time was called “American Professional Football League”. The Cardinals found their home at the Sun Devil stadium when they moved to Arizona but soon moved to the University of Phoenix stadium. The Cardinals have played one championship at the Super Bowl XLII where they lost to the Pittsburg Steelers in 2009. The Sun Devil stadium still holds Super Bowls, one in 1996 which was Super Bowl XXX that the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburg Steeler. The Sun Devil stadium also to hosted the 2015 super bowl where the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in a historical game.


The Arizona Diamondbacks is the professional baseball team that represents Arizona in the Major League Baseball (MLB) and was first inducted in the professional major league in 1998 only as an expansion team. It was with their baseball team that Phoenix became a member of the 10 cities that had professional teams representing it in every sport. The Arizona Diamondbacks also became the fastest team to win the World Series in 2001 when they defeated the New York Yankees. They made history and broke the record which was previously held by the Florida Marlins. A title and record they had earned in 5 years as opposed to the 3 years the Arizona Diamondbacks managed to get in. The record is still intact as no team has come close to beating it and it seems with the time passed, there is no team that can out to this feat. The home ground of the Arizona Diamondbacks was originally called the BOB or the “Bank One Ballpark” which many locals had gotten used to and fond of until the name was changed to “The Chase Field”. This field has the unique distinction of being the second highest stadium in the United States.

Love Phoenix, Arizona for what it has on offer and you will never have a boring day in your life.

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