Top Upcoming Events in Phoenix, Arizona

The state capital and the largest city in the state itself, Phoenix is one of the most recognizable cities in all of the United States of America. It can be seen as one of the ‘big cities’ of the United States as it not only is the hub of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area but is also house to 1,445,632 people of the 2010 US population census. The 13th largest metro city in the US and its almost 1.5 million people are up to a lot nowadays, and they always are. As it is the state capital and a giant of a city, it attracts many national event planners and is a favorite for musicians to hold their concerts. And it seems for the fall, there are a lot of events to be held. Some of the top events for the fall are:

1.     The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China

One of the world’s most famous circuses, The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China will show case it’s many talents and feats in Phoenix. These daring feats include juggling, stacking chairs, balancing acts, tight rope walking. The ‘Peking Dream’ will be a part of the event and it will showcase trapeze acts, aerial silk and other brave and daring acts that will shock and amaze. The event will take place at the Mesa Arts Center, 1 E Main St, Mesa on October first.

2.     The Phoenix Fashion Week

The fashionistas of Phoenix are up for a treat as the Phoenix Fashion Week kicks off on the first of October, 2015 for a three day event. The three day event will hold fashion related workshops for anyone looking to learn something about the industry. Shopping events will be open to anyone who is looking to purchase anything they saw at the show that they liked and of course, the flagship or any fashion show: The runway. Designers will be showcasing some of their best work in the three day event and the models will be the easels of their artwork and creativity. Each day will have a celebratory after party at night. The event will be held at The Talking Stick Casino 9800 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, and will take place from the first of October to the third of October.

3.     Ballet under the Stars

Ballet Arizona will inaugurate its yearly free outdoor concerts on the first and second October 2015. Ballerina from all around Arizona will be taking part and will put on a soul cleansing but impressive show of talent and control. The shows will be held at 5 different venues which include the Steele Indian School Park and the Temple Center for Arts. The events will start from 7pm, to stay true to the name ‘Ballet under the stars”.

4.     The Vampire Tale

With Halloween coming up with people warming up for the festivity, what better way to get into the holiday than to go and enjoy what is hailed as the “Nutcracker” of Halloween. The play will showcase aerial dance to portray the story of an unhappy girl who falls into the hands of a group of bloodsucking vampires. Lisa Starry comments on how this year’s performance will be a more serious, which is moving away from the usual campy comedy the show is used to. The show will be more focused on the plot and its horror aspects. The show will take place at the 100 E McDowell Rd from the first of October till the tenth of October. All events will be from Thursdays to Saturdays.

5.     Gaither Homecoming Tour

The legendary gospel singer, famous from his 60’s hit “He Touched Me”; Gaither is bringing his latest works to the Valley. He will be joined by other well-known and respected gospel families such as the Isaacs and the Martins, as well as Gene Williams and Kevin Williams at the Grand Canyon University Arena.

6.     Pumpkin and Chilli Parties

For a good old’ day outside with dare devils performing stunts, carnivals, dog shows and even hay rides, there’s much to look forward to at this event. Grab a pumpkin and carve it into whatever you want, have adventures in the giant maze or just sit down with a bowl of some delicious chili and relax, as this is exactly what the whole event is about, just having a good time with the people you love for the event you’ve all been looking forward to.

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